Leaping into Sweetheart Ballet

By Jadyn Webber

“It’s awesome because those are our boys out there having fun and living the tradition at BSHS.” ~senior Nicole Wiegel on Sweetheart Ballet

Valentine’s Day fills some minds with the thought of laminated red boxes filled with chocolates; for others, the holiday consists of love-shaped piñatas. No matter their view on the day, students at BSHS share a common association with Valentine’s Day: The Sweetheart Ballet. Continue reading Leaping into Sweetheart Ballet

An optimistic look at 2016

By Dasia Walters

“I hope people in America and the world realize that everything will be okay.” – junior Carolyn Clark

2016: a year marked by many as less-than-stellar. The year brought news of numerous celebrity deaths – Prince, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and Gene Wilder to name a few – as well as a very divisive  presidential election.

For these and other personal reasons, many considered 2016, as senior Justin Green summed it up, to be “one big loss.”

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Individuals, team push to make improvements

By Kristian Frisbey

“As a team right now we just really want to qualify our relays for state so we can have a full team at state.” – junior swimmer Maisy Kurucz

With winter in full swing, so is another season of girls’ swim and dive, as they try to make a splash on their way to state.

Junior Maisy Kurucz has a goal of her own as the season comes to a close.

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Hospitality and Tourism, new addition to BSSD

By Kaylee Largent

“I signed up for the class because it was something new.  Blue Springs has not ever offered a class like this before.” – Tori Beale, senior

The Blue Springs School District has added a new addition to the elective class collection. Hospitality and tourism, a class that is open just to seniors, will teach students the fundamentals of hosting events such as concerts or parties. Students also study how events are hosted at hotels or stadiums.

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Super Fans integral to Wildcat sports

By Tucker Hill

“The meaning of a Super Fan is to be supportive fans in any way possible.” – senior Ryan McMahan

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Super Fans!

The BSHS Super Fans have a long standing tradition of being the most exuberant student fans. They attempt to bring fun and entertainment to the student section at every game and every sport. Whether fans are students of the game or just there in support of a player, the Superfans try and make attendance a fun experience for everyone. Continue reading Super Fans integral to Wildcat sports

A Day in the Life of Frank Wheeler

By Chris Tupin

“I think part of my job is to be available 24/7 to help out with problems or to make something easier on the people I work for.”  -Frank Wheeler, Activities Director

It is well known that BSHS offers a wide range of extracurriculars spanning from FFA to marching band. What is not as known, however, is the man in charge of making those extracurriculars run smoothly. That man is Frank Wheeler. Wheeler is the BSHS Activities Director (AD) and is the backbone of organization for all activities that are offered. Continue reading A Day in the Life of Frank Wheeler

Finally done with finals

By: Michaela Fielding

“We have a group project where we are creating a business and then coming up with something to sell to the student body,” Spencer Duce

Students spend the last few days of school anxiously writing essays and filling in bubbles, hoping the final will hold and even boost grades. Making the situation even more complex is how many different types of finals one could take. Continue reading Finally done with finals

Shaving Heads in the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

by Jadyn Webber

“The purpose is to bring awareness to the St. Baldrick Foundation, and how difficult it is, especially in the winter, for children who go through treatment that caused them to lose their hair.” – Christine Van Camp

The cold months of winter are looked towards as a time of joy and happiness; however, winter can be a difficult time for children battling cancer. While most kids are indulging in candy canes and awaiting the jolly Chris Kringle, those with childhood cancer are pushing through the physical hardship of chemotherapy as well as emotional difficulties of dealing with their diagnosis. Student Senate saw this is an opportune time to send holiday joy in the way of these children. Continue reading Shaving Heads in the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

Tis’ the season for giving

By Courtney Yanks

“I think DECA’s program is really effective on our students. Most of them don’t second guess if they’ll be getting presents for Christmas or other holidays, they just make a list and give it to someone. This shows our students it’s not like that for everyone.” – Kelly Fowler, DECA adviser.

The holidays are a time for giving, and this year, BSHS students and staff are doing just that, volunteering all around the community. From helping with the Salvation Army to assisting with the Midwest Foster Adopt program to lending a hand around BSHS, Wildcats are pitching in to make a difference.

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