Dreaming of districts

By Michaela Fielding

“I’m proud of everyone that participated. They worked extremely hard each and every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have gone with districts for me.”- sophomore Megan Seaton

Researching for hours upon hours, practicing until every line is memorized, spending every spare moment trying to perfect the performance…such has been the recent life of forensic and debate district performers. Continue reading Dreaming of districts

Feeding the scholarship frenzy

By J. Metje

“I want to cover as much [tuition cost] as possible with scholarships.” – Carissa Sprout, senior

Senior year is often depicted as a glamorous time of relaxation and fun as students easily coast their way to graduation. While this may be true in some regards, as classes are often easier than years prior and students earn more freedom to do what they enjoy, there exists a roadblock to the easy coasting.

The name of the game is college, and with that beast comes quite possibly the most stressful aspect of senior life: scholarships. Competing for money to eliminate the ever looming threat of student debt, seniors must scramble to earn what scholarships they can. As tuition costs raise higher than ever before, the stress of paying one’s way may be equally record breaking.

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Students demonstrate diversity by hosting black history month assembly

By Dasia Walters

“I think it’s important to show other races how we express ourselves through music, poetry, and dance and also the culture we come from as black people.” – junior Von Walker

For some, the only significant day in February is Valentine’s Day, when they get to celebrate love. For others however, the celebration lasts all month, and instead of relationships, they celebrate culture; African American culture to be more precise.

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To be an English teacher

By J. Metje

“I want to teach English forever.”- Samuel Kriegel, English teacher

Superheroes come in many varieties. Some shoot lasers out of their eyes, others control the weather and a select few can even read minds. But there exists a special squadron of heroes whose ability is to actually sharpen the mind with a tool possibly more important than the wheel, electricity or sliced bread. The tool is language, and these heroes are English teachers.

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Giving back

By Michaela Fielding

“My favorite part about the blood drive is the people it benefits in the long run.”- senior Karissa Sprout

On normal days, the small gym is used for physical education classes. Students play basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many other sports; however that is not what it was used for on February 9th. National Honors Society (NHS) utilized the small gym to play host to the second BSHS blood drive of the year. Continue reading Giving back

A day in the life of Renee Hult

By Chris Tupin

“I love my job. It is really fun, and getting to interact with kids is the best part of my day.” – Secretary Renee Hult

With prom season right around the corner,  many different people, besides just students, are involved in the planning of this big event. One of these people responsible for the organization of prom, as well as many other things, is Renee Hult. Hult is the secretary to assistant principal to Heather Knudson. Continue reading A day in the life of Renee Hult

Students march for equality

By Courtney Yanks

“Equality is what this country needs, what this world needs. Equality for all men and women, not based on gender, sexuality or race.” -junior Karissa Johnson

On January 21st, more than 200,000 women, men and children visited Washington square to march for their rights. The women’s march was a response to show opposition to the political policies of the newly inaugurated President, Donald Trump.

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Winter sports drawing to close

by Kristian Frisbey

“We want to take as many wrestlers as we can to state, and try to place as well. We want to end as a top five team in the state,” junior wrestler Bret Heil said.

As February begins, winter sports teams and athletes head into the final stretch of their seasons.The wrestling team is trying to pin the competition as they head into the postseason district and state tournaments. Continue reading Winter sports drawing to close

On the hunt for colleges

By Kaylee Largent

“Colleges are like a wedding dress. You don’t know if it fits or if you like it until you try it on.” – Counselor Megan Callanan

College is a big step for most students after high school, and with so many different schools offered around the country, it’s very important that students choose a school that they absolutely love. Visiting colleges is one of the best ways for a student to get an idea of what that college has to offer. Continue reading On the hunt for colleges

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