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Battle of the biggest, brightest, best

by Emma Hibdon

“I feel like a lot of people see it as a place for little kids, but those high-schoolers really enjoyed themselves which just goes to show that all age groups are in mind when these exhibits are created.” – Angelia Schnakenberg on Science City

This fall, over 7,000 students in 250 schools from 55 school districts in a five-county area competed in the bi-annual Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains competition. This is a STEM competition from Science CIty and Burns & McDonnell (a large Kansas City based engineering firm) that challenges students K-12 to create a new exhibit for Science City. Continue reading Battle of the biggest, brightest, best

Gaining advantage (and college credit)

by Emma Hibdon

“It’s definitely an adjustment. But I think that it’s an advantage because it gets you more prepared for college life.”

Many students take dual credit and college level classes offered at BSHS through UMKC and the AP College Board. Some students end their senior year with one or even two semesters worth of college credits and start their first year of college at a sophomore level.

Students choose to take these classes for a variety of reasons. Continue reading Gaining advantage (and college credit)

Fall Play dirt has been dished

by Emma Hibdon

“I find performing to be very satisfying. It just satisfies my craving for cultural enrichment,” -junior Noah Hinton

There’s no need to gossip anymore about the fall play “Rumors.” Director Lisa Lowman spilled the tea on the play: The two-act comedy about something that happens at an anniversary dinner party and the rumor that follows will run for three days next month, October 12-14. Continue reading Fall Play dirt has been dished

Back to school a daunting task for custodians as well

by Samara Bhatti

“All the classrooms are getting LED light changes and it’s quite a long process because there’s more than fifty thousand LED lights that will need to be put in,” custodian Gary Johnson.

While students were lounging by the pool and going on vacation during summer break, custodians were hard at work in the weeks leading up to the first day getting the school cleaned and prepped for the return of students. Efficiency standards brought several changes in the custodial world at BSHS. Continue reading Back to school a daunting task for custodians as well

A Flood of Emotions in a Sea of People

by Emma Hibdon

“The environment is the same at the high school as it is at the freshman center. It’s still just people clogging up the hallways and nobody knowing where to go,” sophomore Haylee Payne

Along with back-to-school deals and savoring the last minutes by the pool before hitting the books again, thoughts of school brings up different feelings of nervousness, security, and predictability. But not every person going back to school gets first day jitters. Continue reading A Flood of Emotions in a Sea of People