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Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

By Samantha Johnson

“It should definitely be taught for years to come. You can save anyone’s life using CPR.” -senior Angelique White

Seniors in personal finance are no longer just learning how to balance their checkbooks. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is now required for all Missouri high school students before they graduate, and BSHS is meeting this mandate using personal finance enrollments. Continue reading Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

By Samantha Johnson

“Ultimately, we are trying to give our students the best quality book with the most student inclusion we can.” -English teacher and yearbook adviser Katie Grusing

In their 2017/2018 yearbook, the BSHS Campus Cadence staff  draws attention to and celebrates their KCMO pride. In a tribute to the community, its theme is 816 Proud. This year’s edition relates student life, academics, sports and activities to different sites across Kansas City. Continue reading 816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

Golden Regiment thrives in Tulsa

By Samara Bhatti and Samantha Johnson

“I want each student to walk off that field knowing that they worked hard every practice and gave a performance of a lifetime,” -assistant director Lisa Evans

The Golden Regiment crescendo-ed into competition season by placing second at Union High School this past weekend. Scoring just five tenths behind their opponent L.D. Bell and tying in two categories, their efforts were greatly rewarded. Continue reading Golden Regiment thrives in Tulsa

SPIRIT Council Unites BSHS Students

By Samantha Johnson

“We want to work on diversity, whether it be racial or gender, as well as mental health awareness, and overworked students,” -junior Dayton Cooper

Blue Springs High School looks to enact positive changes in implementing the Student Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) council. Designed to take action on social issues within the student body, the group seeks to include members from all corners of the school. Continue reading SPIRIT Council Unites BSHS Students

Students, staff tout benefits of PowerSchool

By Mya Pearson

“You don’t always have to leave a class or be late to your next class because you have to talk to that teacher, you can easily just check it from anywhere including at home,”  junior Taysha Taylor said.

PowerSchool, the software used by BSSD to manage student information,  is a way for parents and students to keep up with grades as the year goes by.  It has many features, including showing lunch balances and grades as well as giving teachers access to student demographics. Continue reading Students, staff tout benefits of PowerSchool

New teachers share their joy for BSHS

By Mya Pearson

“I see myself retiring from here. I love this district and I feel like I’m just gonna fall in love with this building.” – English teacher Rachel Donaldson

Thirteen new teachers joined the Wildcat staff this year, bringing to light the fact that transitioning to a new school can be very difficult, not only for students, but incoming teachers as well. Continue reading New teachers share their joy for BSHS

Senior Fall Sport Role Models

By Jayla Sample

“Setting a good example (is important). We have to teach them that we want them to work and put in effort, so eventually when they become upperclassmen, they can take their mistakes and lessons to help their younger team members when needed.” – senior softball player Reggie Kanagawa

Each year, athletes must take the next step: seniors graduate, freshman compete for varsity spots and juniors become the next leaders of their teams. Three Wildcat seniors, Xavier Hall (football), Reggie Kanagawa (softball) and Angelique White (color guard) all have high hopes and big expectations for their senior years.

Continue reading Senior Fall Sport Role Models

Summer assignments set the tone for AP courses

By Samantha Johnson

“You can tell that everybody in the class is willing to learn, and they know what they signed up for,” -junior Bridgitte De Ocampo on AP classes

While a majority of students were relaxing at the lake, traveling, or even sleeping, students at Blue Springs High School in Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit courses were stuck studying and doing summer homework.

Continue reading Summer assignments set the tone for AP courses