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Coed cheer notches 15th place finish at Nationals

By Samantha Johnson

“It’s my family; I kept pushing myself because I didn’t want to let my teammates down. It’s lots of hard work but worth every second of it.” -Junior Nolan Rice

The BSHS coed cheer team tackled UCA National Cheerleading Championship for the tenth time on Feb. 10 and 11 in Orlando, Florida. Cheer coach Stephanie Peterman credited their fifteenth place finish to their intense training, tryouts and preparation. Continue reading Coed cheer notches 15th place finish at Nationals

Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

By Samantha Johnson

“This is one of those moments you remember for the rest of your life. It goes your wedding day, maybe your engagement, graduation, and then prom.” -senior Andrea McCrorey on lifelong memories

As prom approaches, students schedule hair and nail appointments, make dinner reservations and purchase tuxes and princess dresses. The 2018 theme “Tale As Old As Time” comes straight from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Students with 90% attendance or higher can purchase their tickets during WCH in the two weeks leading up to prom on Apr. 14. Continue reading Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

Concerts, competitions comprise orchestra schedule

By Jayla Sample

“This is my eighth year teaching orchestra in Blue Springs both at (Brittany Hill and Blue Springs). The most enjoyable part of teaching is the unique opportunity to begin teaching string player in sixth grade to high school.” -orchestra teacher Paige Mundhenke

Orchestra teacher Paige Mundhenke’s students practice diligently to perform in concerts and events. The two types of orchestra courses vary in difficulty and time commitment but both provide students with a strong basis of music knowledge. Continue reading Concerts, competitions comprise orchestra schedule

Cast prepares to open curtain on spring musical

By Samantha Johnson

“I love rehearsal and watching the transformation from an idea to a reality. I have a great group of students who all are working towards the same goal and that makes it fun for a director.” -drama teacher Lisa Lowman

Little Shop of Horrors storms the PAC stage for $8 on Feb. 15, 16, and 17 at 7:00 p.m.. Based on a horror movie from the 60s, the nerdy Seymore Kerlborn stumbles upon a plant that will change life of everyone that it comes in contact. The musical cast has been rehearsing Monday through Thursday since Thanksgiving break, preparing for their debut just two weeks from today. Continue reading Cast prepares to open curtain on spring musical

Painting the bigger picture

By Samantha Johnson

“My favorite thing is to have a student realize that they’re actually really good at art. They come in thinking that they’re not very good and by the end of the semester they’re impressed with what they do.” -art teacher Johnna Coleman

After starting with a blank canvas this semester, the BSHS Art Club has divided into two groups for competition purposes: painting/drawing and ceramics. Since the artwork submitted varies for each competition, students are challenged weekly to prepare themselves for their event. While the ceramics division concentrates on their sculpting and handbuilding skills, students in painting and drawing are practicing observational drawing with various tools. Continue reading Painting the bigger picture

Bald by choice

By Samantha Johnson

“Being able to help out in a big way towards something so critically important is a great feeling.” -senior participant Trevor Minor

Each year, Brave-A-Shave hands students the razor of opportunity to donate their hair and collect money for St. Baldricks Foundation. Raising around 40 thousand dollars in its seven years, this fundraiser has empowered BSHS students and alumni to make a positive impact. Continue reading Bald by choice

Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

By Samantha Johnson

“It should definitely be taught for years to come. You can save anyone’s life using CPR.” -senior Angelique White

Seniors in personal finance are no longer just learning how to balance their checkbooks. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is now required for all Missouri high school students before they graduate, and BSHS is meeting this mandate using personal finance enrollments. Continue reading Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

By Samantha Johnson

“Ultimately, we are trying to give our students the best quality book with the most student inclusion we can.” -English teacher and yearbook adviser Katie Grusing

In their 2017/2018 yearbook, the BSHS Campus Cadence staff  draws attention to and celebrates their KCMO pride. In a tribute to the community, its theme is 816 Proud. This year’s edition relates student life, academics, sports and activities to different sites across Kansas City. Continue reading 816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

Golden Regiment thrives in Tulsa

By Samara Bhatti and Samantha Johnson

“I want each student to walk off that field knowing that they worked hard every practice and gave a performance of a lifetime,” -assistant director Lisa Evans

The Golden Regiment crescendo-ed into competition season by placing second at Union High School this past weekend. Scoring just five tenths behind their opponent L.D. Bell and tying in two categories, their efforts were greatly rewarded. Continue reading Golden Regiment thrives in Tulsa