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Talent front and center at fundamentals play

By Samantha Johnson

“They will get to show off their skills in a very fun way and get to show the school what they’ve been working hard for… All of their hard work comes to an end and they get to be rewarded by their friends and family. It is so cool.” – special education teacher Emma Bellmann

Blue Springs students with special needs will break out their award winning smiles and top-notch dance moves in the Drama Den tomorrow at 1 p.m. for the annual Theater Fundamentals play. With three months of rehearsal, the charismatic cast is looking forward to performing for their fellow classmates. Continue reading Talent front and center at fundamentals play

FFA grows strong roots in Blue Springs

By Jayla Sample

“We’re like many other groups on campus in that we have to qualify level by level, each one being more intense than the next. But with every level, you learn or see something new. That’s why investing in the experience is worth it.” –Senior Morgan Laughlin on state competition

The BSHS chapter of the National FFA Organization is an activity that allows students to be involved with multiple interesting events. FFA does not focus purely on students with agriculture in their future; rather, they welcome members whose career plans include being teachers, doctors, scientist, business owners and more. Continue reading FFA grows strong roots in Blue Springs

Students go green for Earth Week

By Samantha Johnson

“You don’t have to change your entire life to help the world we live in. Picking up a piece of trash one day or spending the ten dollars it takes to get a reusable water bottle can help the earth far more than you know.” -Junior Alana Nyhart

With the celebration of Earth Day on Apr. 22, Wildcats United held an Earth-based spirit week to focus on cutting down use of harmful gaseous, plastic and cotton products. Students across campus ate meat-free meals, carpooled to school and wore thrifted clothes to compete for eco-friendly prizes. Continue reading Students go green for Earth Week

Wildcats read up on National Library Week

By Samantha Johnson

“Whenever [students] need help, whatever it may be, I hope that this is one of the first places they come to.” -Media specialist Sadie Birdsell

With new age technology and freshly printed pages, public libraries across the U.S. supply citizens with hundreds of resources for researching, gathering and schooling. The American Library Association [ALA] has sponsored what is known as National Library Week annually since 1958. Continue reading Wildcats read up on National Library Week

Breakfast of Champions honors high quality students

By Jayla Sample

“They do not have to be the best at the activity, but they have to be someone who represents what it means to be a Wildcat. They are a leader and a team player.” -Senate Sponsor Danielle Knoll on what makes a champion

Each year, BSHS congratulates students who have been nominated and chosen by a coach or sponsor as a leader and team player. These athletes and activities participants are celebrated with a morning meal. Continue reading Breakfast of Champions honors high quality students

Students initiate giant steps for change

By Samantha Johnson

“It’s valuable to convey this message to our senate and local representatives, to show them that we are not going to be complacent. We want to make it known how we feel and that we want to be safe at school, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens,” junior Renee Bruch.

Students will be taking long strides toward reform on Apr. 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. After nearly two months since tragedy struck Stoneman Douglas High,  the #NeverAgain hashtag continues to surface on many social media platforms, both nationally and here at BSHS. Senior and future walkout participant Holly Roustio feels the Parkland students, specifically David Hogg, have kept the conversation in the spotlight.

Continue reading Students initiate giant steps for change

Robocats lend a paw to help local teams

By Samantha Johnson

“During competitions everyone helps everyone. If you’re missing something, and need it, someone else it bound to have one… It’s more fun when all the bots on the field work as intended.” -junior Timothy Moran

The BSSD robotics team switched into high gear the weekend of Mar. 10 to compete at the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Regional in Kansas City, MO. The Robocats had to build, wire, and program a robot in six weeks to complete the task given by FIRST on Jan. 6. Continue reading Robocats lend a paw to help local teams

Coed cheer notches 15th place finish at Nationals

By Samantha Johnson

“It’s my family; I kept pushing myself because I didn’t want to let my teammates down. It’s lots of hard work but worth every second of it.” -Junior Nolan Rice

The BSHS coed cheer team tackled UCA National Cheerleading Championship for the tenth time on Feb. 10 and 11 in Orlando, Florida. Cheer coach Stephanie Peterman credited their fifteenth place finish to their intense training, tryouts and preparation. Continue reading Coed cheer notches 15th place finish at Nationals

Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

By Samantha Johnson

“This is one of those moments you remember for the rest of your life. It goes your wedding day, maybe your engagement, graduation, and then prom.” -senior Andrea McCrorey on lifelong memories

As prom approaches, students schedule hair and nail appointments, make dinner reservations and purchase tuxes and princess dresses. The 2018 theme “Tale As Old As Time” comes straight from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Students with 90% attendance or higher can purchase their tickets during WCH in the two weeks leading up to prom on Apr. 14. Continue reading Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

Concerts, competitions comprise orchestra schedule

By Jayla Sample

“This is my eighth year teaching orchestra in Blue Springs both at (Brittany Hill and Blue Springs). The most enjoyable part of teaching is the unique opportunity to begin teaching string player in sixth grade to high school.” -orchestra teacher Paige Mundhenke

Orchestra teacher Paige Mundhenke’s students practice diligently to perform in concerts and events. The two types of orchestra courses vary in difficulty and time commitment but both provide students with a strong basis of music knowledge. Continue reading Concerts, competitions comprise orchestra schedule