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Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS

By Abigail Starr

“There are so many events that are unique to this campus: the spirit of the athletic competitions, the involvement of clubs and organization in student life–the list could be endless. It is amazing that a school so large can operate as a family,” Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon

Next fall, Wildcat Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon’s will fill a new role as the Associate Principal at the Freshman Center, and Paul Kinder Middle School Assistant Principal Wes McCubbin will move into the Wildcat family. The move is exciting for everyone, even students who will miss Weatherspoon. Continue reading Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS

Musicians prep for districts

By Caitlin Ham

Being nervous is really common on performance day and preparing far in advance can give you the rating you want. My ensembles have been working really hard and I’m excited to see our outcome on Saturday,” junior Mandi Brown 

On Friday, March 9th, and Saturday, March 10th, band, choir, and orchestra students will travel to Lee’s Summit High School to participate in district solo and ensemble festival. Students from the fine arts programs have selected solos and ensembles to perform. Judges listen to students solos and ensembles and rate them  (1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest) based on tone and correct notes and rhythms. Continue reading Musicians prep for districts

STEM field trip engineered toward female students

By Samara Bhatti

I learned a lot more of what I can do in the field of engineering, and different things engineering were included that I didn’t know about before,” sophomore Celcia McClanahan 

While women make up 48% of the workforce, only 24% of women work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. In an effort to combat such lopsided statistics, BSHS female students interested in the engineering program were given the opportunity to meet professionals in the engineering and (STEM) fields. Continue reading STEM field trip engineered toward female students

Mugeche devours the distance, named Gatorade Runner of the Year

By Jayla Sample

“He’s a great person who makes you feel like you can always do better. I hope that he continues to take his talents far; he’s very capable.” -Senior teammate Jonah Loewe on Mugeche 

Cross country phenom Victor Mugeche was named one of two Gatorade Runners of the Year. BS South senior Tori Findley also received the title, making it the first time for both a male and female runner from the district to be honored with the award.receive the title. Continue reading Mugeche devours the distance, named Gatorade Runner of the Year

Spirit days, student performances, senior boys highlight KISS week

By Caitlin Ham

“I had such a good time practicing and getting ready for the sweetheart ballet performance with my friends. I know it’s something the senior class really likes and I’m glad I got to be a part of it,” -senior Matthew Smith

Valentine’s Day is not only a holiday celebrated in the halls of BSHS, but a week full of spirit and fun filled activities for students. With spirit days including stop light day, dress your best, and twin day, students were lead into high levels of anticipation for the kiss assembly. The 2018 kiss assembly included performances from choir, orchestra, the Dance Majorettes group, “Little Shop of Horrors” cast,  co-ed cheer, Glitter Girls, and the traditional Sweet Heart Ballet performed by senior boys. Continue reading Spirit days, student performances, senior boys highlight KISS week

Heil, Wildcats dominant in state wrestling performance

By Jayla Sample

“You just have to be a team leader and show by example and give helpful advice to your teammates. It feels good being known as state champ especially since its my last year,” state champion Bret Heil 

BSHS wrestling team traveled to state the week of Feb. 12-18 and took 6th place overall. Senior Bret Heil won state champion at the Columbia competition. Senior Corbin Shepard and Junior Zach Hays took second in their matches. This end of the year success was carefully crafted in practices throughout the season. Continue reading Heil, Wildcats dominant in state wrestling performance

Co-ed cheer digs deep at national competition

By Samara Bhatti

“After hitting our routine at worlds, we all just hugged each other and it’s pretty cool,” senior  Reagan Spotts shares her bond to her fellow teammates.

On February 10, The BSHS co-ed cheer team headed to Orlando, Florida for the national and world meet. The team competed with teams from all over the world. Continue reading Co-ed cheer digs deep at national competition

Big business ahead for FBLA

By Abigail Starr

“It’s really great having Mr. Moss as a coach because he is so encouraging. He helps us stay confident in what we do. I really wish I would have found FBLA sooner,” -senior Tessa Hake.

On Feb. 2, the BSHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competed in their annual districts competition, taking home several awards and new perspective on what it takes to take care of business. Continue reading Big business ahead for FBLA

The most magical place on Earth truly charmed for Glitter Girls

By Jayla Sample

“It’s so surreal to be in such a magical place with all of your best friends doing what in you love with who you love. I am so thankful to my team captains and my coach for all the extra help they gave me,” senior Samantha Daniels said.

On Feb. 3 at the UDA National Dance Team Championship held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Florida, the Glitter Girls earned high marks from the judges, making it to the semi-finals. They are just the second BSHS team to accomplish this feat, and Coach Erin Brown credits the group’s’ attention to detail as the difference maker in the routine. Continue reading The most magical place on Earth truly charmed for Glitter Girls

Wildcats fight to defeat flu season

By Abigail Starr

“Always make sure to get a doctor’s note to excuse your absence and stop by if you need rest.” -Nurse Alice Cone advice on staying ahead of the flu

One hundred years after the biggest flu epidemic the world has ever seen, the flu is back – and it’s big, striking down students left and right. On the extreme end of the statistics, children have died of the flu so far this season according to the CDC. With the help of school nurses Alice Cone and Lori Neumann, Wildcats can have hope of making it through with as little absences as possible. Continue reading Wildcats fight to defeat flu season