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Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

By Samantha Johnson

“It should definitely be taught for years to come. You can save anyone’s life using CPR.” -senior Angelique White

Seniors in personal finance are no longer just learning how to balance their checkbooks. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is now required for all Missouri high school students before they graduate, and BSHS is meeting this mandate using personal finance enrollments. Continue reading Credit, compressions all part of personal finance

816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

By Samantha Johnson

“Ultimately, we are trying to give our students the best quality book with the most student inclusion we can.” -English teacher and yearbook adviser Katie Grusing

In their 2017/2018 yearbook, the BSHS Campus Cadence staff  draws attention to and celebrates their KCMO pride. In a tribute to the community, its theme is 816 Proud. This year’s edition relates student life, academics, sports and activities to different sites across Kansas City. Continue reading 816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

SPIRIT Council Unites BSHS Students

By Samantha Johnson

“We want to work on diversity, whether it be racial or gender, as well as mental health awareness, and overworked students,” -junior Dayton Cooper

Blue Springs High School looks to enact positive changes in implementing the Student Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) council. Designed to take action on social issues within the student body, the group seeks to include members from all corners of the school. Continue reading SPIRIT Council Unites BSHS Students

Senate organizes homecoming, helps hurricane victims

By Abigail Starr

“You can raise two grand in two minutes! It’s crazy,” senior Daria Wilson on Miracle Minute fundraiser.

In the first few weeks of school, student senate has been raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims through events such as the miracle minute and scheduling this year’s traditional events, like homecoming and gratitude week. This planning requires several hours of both in and out of school time.  Continue reading Senate organizes homecoming, helps hurricane victims

Back to school a daunting task for custodians as well

by Samara Bhatti

“All the classrooms are getting LED light changes and it’s quite a long process because there’s more than fifty thousand LED lights that will need to be put in,” custodian Gary Johnson.

While students were lounging by the pool and going on vacation during summer break, custodians were hard at work in the weeks leading up to the first day getting the school cleaned and prepped for the return of students. Efficiency standards brought several changes in the custodial world at BSHS. Continue reading Back to school a daunting task for custodians as well

New students from near and far enjoying BSHS

by Caitlin Ham

“The students and teachers here are nice and I like how big the school is, there’s more area to spread out,” Junior Madison McQuitty 

Many new faces were spotted as students returned to BSHS on August 16, 2017 for another school year together.  While those new faced a difficult transition, BSHS has several safeguards in place to assist those new students. Continue reading New students from near and far enjoying BSHS

A Flood of Emotions in a Sea of People

by Emma Hibdon

“The environment is the same at the high school as it is at the freshman center. It’s still just people clogging up the hallways and nobody knowing where to go,” sophomore Haylee Payne

Along with back-to-school deals and savoring the last minutes by the pool before hitting the books again, thoughts of school brings up different feelings of nervousness, security, and predictability. But not every person going back to school gets first day jitters. Continue reading A Flood of Emotions in a Sea of People

First day fears

by Abigail Starr

“Most of my classes were really fun. We didn’t do silly get to know you stuff. We just talked about what the class would be and it made me feel reassured that I took the right classes.” -sophomore Ariana Adams on her first day in classes

High school students returned to class at Blue Springs High School on August 16 for another year of learning. Kids wandering the halls found themselves overwhelmed but were reassured by adults and other students who were eager to help. Continue reading First day fears