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Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS

By Abigail Starr

“There are so many events that are unique to this campus: the spirit of the athletic competitions, the involvement of clubs and organization in student life–the list could be endless. It is amazing that a school so large can operate as a family,” Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon

Next fall, Wildcat Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon’s will fill a new role as the Associate Principal at the Freshman Center, and Paul Kinder Middle School Assistant Principal Wes McCubbin will move into the Wildcat family. The move is exciting for everyone, even students who will miss Weatherspoon. Continue reading Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS

Spirit days, student performances, senior boys highlight KISS week

By Caitlin Ham

“I had such a good time practicing and getting ready for the sweetheart ballet performance with my friends. I know it’s something the senior class really likes and I’m glad I got to be a part of it,” -senior Matthew Smith

Valentine’s Day is not only a holiday celebrated in the halls of BSHS, but a week full of spirit and fun filled activities for students. With spirit days including stop light day, dress your best, and twin day, students were lead into high levels of anticipation for the kiss assembly. The 2018 kiss assembly included performances from choir, orchestra, the Dance Majorettes group, “Little Shop of Horrors” cast,  co-ed cheer, Glitter Girls, and the traditional Sweet Heart Ballet performed by senior boys. Continue reading Spirit days, student performances, senior boys highlight KISS week

Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

By Samantha Johnson

“This is one of those moments you remember for the rest of your life. It goes your wedding day, maybe your engagement, graduation, and then prom.” -senior Andrea McCrorey on lifelong memories

As prom approaches, students schedule hair and nail appointments, make dinner reservations and purchase tuxes and princess dresses. The 2018 theme “Tale As Old As Time” comes straight from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Students with 90% attendance or higher can purchase their tickets during WCH in the two weeks leading up to prom on Apr. 14. Continue reading Calling all beauties: find your beasts!

Wildcats fight to defeat flu season

By Abigail Starr

“Always make sure to get a doctor’s note to excuse your absence and stop by if you need rest.” -Nurse Alice Cone advice on staying ahead of the flu

One hundred years after the biggest flu epidemic the world has ever seen, the flu is back – and it’s big, striking down students left and right. On the extreme end of the statistics, children have died of the flu so far this season according to the CDC. With the help of school nurses Alice Cone and Lori Neumann, Wildcats can have hope of making it through with as little absences as possible. Continue reading Wildcats fight to defeat flu season

Freaky fast funding deadlines approaching

By Caitlin Ham

“I knew that filing my FAFSA was important regardless of where I attend. In the long run it can help me save a lot of money.” -Senior Lauren Robinson 

The FAFSA and scholarship deadline is quickly approaching, making it vital that students know where they can find all of the information they need to apply. Here’s what students should know before sitting down to apply: Continue reading Freaky fast funding deadlines approaching

Get educated on education

By Jayla Sample

“I hope that every current sophomore and junior attends. This is your opportunity to ask questions to your future teachers, explore different classes, and really choose your classes with confidence for the next year,” counselor Megan Callanan on her hopes for curriculum night.

Curriculum Night will be hosted on Wednesday, January 24th from 6:30-8:00 in the commons. With the help of Wildcat counselors and teachers, students and parents will be educated on curriculum, course requirements, and class expectations. Continue reading Get educated on education

New Year, new Wildcats

By Abigail Starr

“Starting at the high school this past year was so exciting because you can really develop long relationships with other (peers) and your teachers, that’s rare in school so I’m super thankful for that,” sophomore Lilly Starr on her new friendships at BSHS

As the new year rolls in, Wildcat staff and students reflect on 2017 and hope for an even better 2018. With new classes, students, and teachers comes new found perspective. Continue reading New Year, new Wildcats

Bald by choice

By Samantha Johnson

“Being able to help out in a big way towards something so critically important is a great feeling.” -senior participant Trevor Minor

Each year, Brave-A-Shave hands students the razor of opportunity to donate their hair and collect money for St. Baldricks Foundation. Raising around 40 thousand dollars in its seven years, this fundraiser has empowered BSHS students and alumni to make a positive impact. Continue reading Bald by choice

Teachers awarded classroom grants

by Emma Hibdon

“The students are very excited to get the calculators in their hands and learn all of the cool stuff that can be done with them,” – teacher Ryan Luethje on new calculators

A handful of BSHS teachers and faculty recently applied for and received grants through the school district for their classrooms; the grants ranged from $1,390 to $3,810.

Continue reading Teachers awarded classroom grants