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Wildcats stuffed with thanks and turkey

By Samara Bhatti

“For me, Thanksgiving means being together as a family and being grateful for everything you have along with eating some great food,” sophomore Gabe Mouhssine on what Thanksgiving means to him

Last week students reached a milestone most had looked forward to since school started: Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving was a time for students to lay back and hang out with family.

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Rivals unite

By Caitlin Ham

“Community Unity week is so fun because the spirit days are awesome and it’s fun to get involved and see everyone else getting involved too. Bringing canned goods is a good way to help our community and bring together both schools through good deeds.” -senior Angelique White

It’s game week for cross town rivals BSHS and BSS. Although the competition is fierce, Community Unity Week is an opportunity to unite rival schools through the common goal of giving back to the community. Monday’s spirit day of Country vs. Country Club kicked off the week, followed on Tuesday by Mathlete vs. Athlete, PJ vs. Professional Wednesday, Hex Day Thursday, and finally Purple vs. Gold to kick off the big game on Friday night. Continue reading Rivals unite

Community walks to save lives

By Courtney Yanks

“I did donate, but not only money; I donated my time, I walked with amazing people that I spent time listening and relating to. I met so many strong people that afternoon, and I can not wait till next year to attend another one,” sophomore Hali Watts said.

On May 6, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, many gathered to bring awareness to a problem occurring not only in Blue Springs but around the country: teen suicide.

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A tale as old as time

By Kaylee Largent

“Disney has blown me away again and again. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is truly a tale as old as time.” -sophomore Ana Gross

Disney has re-released another classic, and this time it is Beauty and the Beast getting the facelift. The Disney story was brought to life using real characters and settings as compared to the animated version made in 1991. The film provided fun songs and incredible images for viewers to indulge into as they watched the story of Belle and the Beast.

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Summers rallies after tornado damage

By Courtney Yanks

“It’s such a warm and good feeling knowing I have all this support from the Blue Springs students and staff,” Kyra Summers.

Spring season in “tornado alley” is in full effect. Every year, those sirens go off for tornado warnings, and fortunately for several years, they have been just warnings. But for Oak Grove residents such as math teacher Kyra Summers, that was not the case this year.

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Giving back

By Michaela Fielding

“My favorite part about the blood drive is the people it benefits in the long run.”- senior Karissa Sprout

On normal days, the small gym is used for physical education classes. Students play basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many other sports; however that is not what it was used for on February 9th. National Honors Society (NHS) utilized the small gym to play host to the second BSHS blood drive of the year. Continue reading Giving back

Students march for equality

By Courtney Yanks

“Equality is what this country needs, what this world needs. Equality for all men and women, not based on gender, sexuality or race.” -junior Karissa Johnson

On January 21st, more than 200,000 women, men and children visited Washington square to march for their rights. The women’s march was a response to show opposition to the political policies of the newly inaugurated President, Donald Trump.

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Shaving Heads in the Fight to End Childhood Cancer

by Jadyn Webber

“The purpose is to bring awareness to the St. Baldrick Foundation, and how difficult it is, especially in the winter, for children who go through treatment that caused them to lose their hair.” – Christine Van Camp

The cold months of winter are looked towards as a time of joy and happiness; however, winter can be a difficult time for children battling cancer. While most kids are indulging in candy canes and awaiting the jolly Chris Kringle, those with childhood cancer are pushing through the physical hardship of chemotherapy as well as emotional difficulties of dealing with their diagnosis. Student Senate saw this is an opportune time to send holiday joy in the way of these children. Continue reading Shaving Heads in the Fight to End Childhood Cancer