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Italian for the midwest palate

By Katy Hamilton

“I love the stuffed mushrooms. Those are my favorite things to eat from Tuscany.” – Senior Annalee Roustio on Tuscany  restaurant

From a Fazoli’s drive through to a five star restaurant delicacy, Italian food has been a part of American lives for centuries. Does it have the wow factor? Does it make one’s taste buds salivate from the sheer remembrance if the meal? These hard hitting questions were answered after eating at the new restaurant, Tuscany. Continue reading Italian for the midwest palate

Class participation responsibility of students, teachers

By Annie Crawford

It is not uncommon for students to dread being called on in class. Whether they are not familiar with the material or they are just nervous about speaking up, being expected to have a well-thought-out response ready for a teacher to assess can be pretty daunting. Even when a person has areally good idea, it can sometimes be difficult to voice it. However, when it comes to class participation, the opinions and perspectives shared by students in class have the potential to improve learning and offer valuable viewpoints.participation Continue reading Class participation responsibility of students, teachers