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Young recipient of historical recognition

By J. Metje & Michaela Fielding

“I’m so proud of Mrs. Young. She really deserves this.” -Christina Nguyen, sophomore

BSHS has become acclimated to a certain level of prestige and award. Indeed, in “winning at everything we do,” we expect a certain level of achievement each year. However, for one BSHS teacher, a totally unexpected accolade has come in a historical fashion. Jacquelyn Young, coach of the high school’s forensics team, has been inducted into the National Speech and Debate Association Hall of Fame. Not only is she the first person to ever get this level of recognition after applying just once, she is also the first black female to receive this award.

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Numbering our days

By J. Metje

“When I see a student learning important things and learning how to apply it to their own lives, that’s what makes it worth it.” -retiring teacher Dacia Rzchowski

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” -Psalms, 90:12.

It can be said that no others teach us to number our days like the teachers, faculty, and administration in our schools. Here at BSHS, five individuals skilled in teaching the value of time are coming to the end of theirs as members of the Wildcat family. Retiring at the end of the 2016-2017 school year are teachers Dacia Rzchowski and Sharon Erikson, counselor Linda Williams, janitor Larry Reeves and administrator Frank Wheeler.

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Summers rallies after tornado damage

By Courtney Yanks

“It’s such a warm and good feeling knowing I have all this support from the Blue Springs students and staff,” Kyra Summers.

Spring season in “tornado alley” is in full effect. Every year, those sirens go off for tornado warnings, and fortunately for several years, they have been just warnings. But for Oak Grove residents such as math teacher Kyra Summers, that was not the case this year.

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To be an English teacher

By J. Metje

“I want to teach English forever.”- Samuel Kriegel, English teacher

Superheroes come in many varieties. Some shoot lasers out of their eyes, others control the weather and a select few can even read minds. But there exists a special squadron of heroes whose ability is to actually sharpen the mind with a tool possibly more important than the wheel, electricity or sliced bread. The tool is language, and these heroes are English teachers.

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A day in the life of Renee Hult

By Chris Tupin

“I love my job. It is really fun, and getting to interact with kids is the best part of my day.” – Secretary Renee Hult

With prom season right around the corner,  many different people, besides just students, are involved in the planning of this big event. One of these people responsible for the organization of prom, as well as many other things, is Renee Hult. Hult is the secretary to assistant principal to Heather Knudson. Continue reading A day in the life of Renee Hult

A Day in the Life of Frank Wheeler

By Chris Tupin

“I think part of my job is to be available 24/7 to help out with problems or to make something easier on the people I work for.”  -Frank Wheeler, Activities Director

It is well known that BSHS offers a wide range of extracurriculars spanning from FFA to marching band. What is not as known, however, is the man in charge of making those extracurriculars run smoothly. That man is Frank Wheeler. Wheeler is the BSHS Activities Director (AD) and is the backbone of organization for all activities that are offered. Continue reading A Day in the Life of Frank Wheeler

Kevin Clevenger leads the way as outstanding teacher

By Dasia Walters

“It is an honor to receive an award for something you believe in and love to do every day.” – computer science teacher Kevin Clevenger

Some teachers instruct on content, while other teachers give students the skills to teach themselves, the freedom to explore and the ability to learn directly from experience. Senior Nathan Lara described computer science teacher Kevin Clevenger’s teaching style as exactly that.

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Teacher of the Year Birdsell influences students beyond the classroom

By Kayla Lessenden

“I really believe in the idea that the way you spend your days determines the life you live, and I felt strongly that I wanted to do something that could have a positive impact in the lives of kids.”-Sadie Birdsell, Teacher of the Year

Students quietly flow in and out of the library every hour of every day. Teacher of the Year (TOY) recipient Sadie Birdsell interacts and impacts those students daily; her determination to connect with students and the love of her job resulted in her award, which was voted on by BSHS students and staff.

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Counting words: Wheeler displays multi-faceted talent

By Sierra Walsh

“I don’t typically gravitate towards any certain styles or figures of fame. I just write freely.” -math teacher Zoe Wheeler on her poetry writing process

Most math teachers live within the analytical cortex of logarithms and quadratic functions; however, somewhere between Einstein’s numeric theories and Dickinson’s intricate anecdotes, math teacher Zoe Wheeler finds her zen through the beautiful word combinations of the English language: writing poetry.
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Vietor utilizes her passion for learning to benefit students

By Dasia Walters

“I want to be the teacher I never had.” – Michelle Vietor, English teacher

It is the end of the day, the last bell has already rung, and students are now filing out of the building from every direction. Their time at school is over, but for teachers like Michelle Vietor, work is nowhere near complete. Instead of heading home to relax, she spends her evening grading papers, printing things off, and preparing for the lessons she has to give the next day.

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