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Walsh claims area six historian spot

By Michaela Fielding

Sierra had to interview with 21 high school students from the Area 6 FFA association. There are 21 schools in the area and each school can send one voting delegate, which determines who is on the Area 6 Officer slated for the next year.”-Mrs. Morgan Payton

Suits and ties, question after question, a lengthy interview process, and a final knowledge test: these are the challenges junior Sierra Walsh faced when she ran to be a Future Farmers of America (FFA) area official. Continue reading Walsh claims area six historian spot

Expecting success?

By J. Metje

“If we do succeed, then the sky’s the limit.” – senior Katelin Danaher

This summer, seniors Katelin Danaher and Taylor Williams accomplished something few in the world can say they did. Competitors at the National Speech and Debate Association’s national tournament, Danaher and Williams won nineteenth in the nation in Duo Interpretation with a piece titled “Grace and Glory.”

Going into their senior year, the pair found themselves in a position even fewer people experience, in that they have an entire year to try and do it all again. After such phenomenal success, high expectations abound for Danaher, Williams and their many supporters.

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Embarrassing stories: a moment in time that lasts forever

By Abbey Danley

“My face was covered in turf and very pink. Although I was uninjured, I was thoroughly embarrassed. I immediately kept running up the track my face was still bright pink and my eyes teary,” – Kailyn Klotz, sophomore

No matter how hard people try, everyone somehow ends up in an embarrassing situation. Whether it’s tripping over air, not having a matching outfit or failing a test that everyone else seemed to get a good grade on, most people’s embarrassing stories stick with them. Continue reading Embarrassing stories: a moment in time that lasts forever

Malik and Refaat dispel Hijabi misconceptions

By J. Metje

“Hijab is such a big part of me. If I didn’t wear it, I would feel like I was walking around naked. Nothing will make me take it off.” – senior Hadia Malik

Among the 1,800 students of BSHS, there are many races, sexualities, and religious beliefs, and within these categories, there are even more things that make each student different. With a sharp eye, one can pick out two students who, quite literally, wear their difference around their head.

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Students explore the social spectrum

By Abbey Danley

“Extroverted people are more interested in hanging out…compared to introverts they just like to be in their own world,” -sophomore Braxton Hagewood, sophomore

Band kids, choir singers, orchestra musicians, “popular kids,” “nerds,” “geeks,” “jocks,” “fangirls” and members of any other stereotypical group walk the halls of BSHS. Within these groups exists two subgroups: extroverts and introverts. Like the oversimplified images for people in band, there are stereotypes for extroverts and introverts.

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International travel part of KC Youth Symphony experience

by Abbey Danley

“This summer Ashley Ingram and I went to Ireland with Youth Symphony for a week to do an American Celebration of Music tour for them. We performed in spectacular cathedrals,” -senior Rachel Harris

The Kansas City Youth Symphony (KCYS) consists of 108 musicians from all over the Kansas City metro area, and this year includes four BSHS musicians.  Senior Rachel Harris and sophomore Melanie Avery auditioned and were selected to participate in the symphony’s medleys, band marches and full length symphonies. Continue reading International travel part of KC Youth Symphony experience

McClain to lead JROTC as lieutenant colonel

By Katy Hamilton

 “Year after year, Ms. McClain has been consistent in displaying the high quality attributes a cadet requires. She will be a great role model for all of our cadets.” – Colonel Richard Yule on Erica McClain

Junior Erica McClain has navigated her way through the BSHS Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) system and reached the highest honor granted to students through the program: Lieutenant Colonel.

As the top cadet, the Lieutenant Colonel controls the entire corp. Continue reading McClain to lead JROTC as lieutenant colonel

Signs from above

By Caleb LaMastres

“I like collecting street signs because there is such a variety of signs, and because each sign is cool in its own way.” – Senior Alex Schuering, on sign collecting

Webster defines a hobby as a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation, engaged in especially for relaxation. People usually see hobbies as calm, relaxing, and normal, such as knitting or scrapbooking. Nobody told Alex Schuering that, because his hobby of collecting street signs, is not all that bland. Continue reading Signs from above

From city to suburbs: Ezekiel Frederick

By Dasia Walters

“It’s nice to know you belong somewhere.” – Ezekiel Frederick, sophomore

In the movies, California is almost always depicted as a hot, sunny place where celebrities roam and palm trees grow. While that may be true for some areas, sophomore Ezekiel Frederick knew a much different side growing up in his hometown of Harbor City, California.

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From city to suburbs: Talia McConnell

By Dasia Walters

“It was rough down there and I have learned so much that I feel like I can go back and bless the hood.” – Talia McConnell, sophomore

Over the years, inner-city schools have developed a not-so-positive reputation. People often look down on them contemptuously as poor places for learning; on the other hand, suburban schools like BSHS are widely acclaimed and said to be filled with opportunities for all.

That information alone might be enough for someone to choose a suburban school over an inner-city school, but for sophomore Talia McConnell, it is a bit more complicated than that.

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