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Wildcat TV celebrates award-winning ‘J Day’

By Samara Bhatti

“Getting to meet other people who share the same interest as me was awesome! Knowing that other people share your passions and can bond with you in that is super cool,” senior Cassie Pabst 

Student journalists from all over the state attended the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) Journalism Day on March 28, including sixteen BSHS student journalists. Held at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the conference recognized and honored student publications in both print and media. Continue reading Wildcat TV celebrates award-winning ‘J Day’

Professional authors mentor BSHS writers

by Mya Pearson

“This was really a learning experience for us to be able to see other students ideas and listen to why they like writing and how it helps them,” senior Tim Davis 

The Creative Writing II class had the opportunity last week to attend the “In Our Own Words Writer’s Workshop at the Writers Place down in Kansas City. This is a writing organization that provides professional writers to look over the students’ work and offer constructive feedback on what they can do to improve their writing skills. The students write and submit an original poetry piece before visiting the Writers Place. Continue reading Professional authors mentor BSHS writers

HOSA leaves a lasting incision on members

by Emma Hibdon

“Even though HOSA is targeted towards future health professionals, we try and incorporate types of volunteer work.”- Senior Anne Cole 

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA-Future Health Professionals), a national medical organization for high school students, allows students to learn about different medical careers and pursuing relevant interests with the purpose of preparing students for careers in medical fields. Continue reading HOSA leaves a lasting incision on members

In addition to grades, NHS values service over self

by Emma Hibdon

“Getting to do community service just really puts an impact on the community and yourself,” – senior Madison Lavelle on service in NHS

National Honor Society (NHS), a national organization that serves to recognize outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, is alive and well at BSHS. It benefits not only its members, but others in the Blue Springs community as well.

Continue reading In addition to grades, NHS values service over self

Painting a picture of progress

By Caitlin Ham

“Mrs. Varrone is a great teacher that’s passionate about her teaching and her students. She’s supportive of all of our work and is never critical of what we produce,” senior Alex Bradley on his experiences with teacher Jennifer Varrone

BSHS offers many art classes, ranging from ceramics to photography and drawing. Students have the option to take basic level art classes or more advanced classes for those looking for more of a challenge. The first class a student would take to expand their artistic abilities is design fundamentals taught by Jennifer Varrone. Continue reading Painting a picture of progress

High school students take on toddlers

By Abigail Starr

“It’s hard not to smile when you walk in. Seeing Wildcats find what they want to do with the rest of their lives is so fulfilling. I really hope more high schoolers consider taking this class,” teacher Pamela Beck shares her joys on influencing young minds

Blue Springs offers a unique variety of childcare classes that teach students the fundamentals of childcare and child education. Teacher Pamela Beck is eager to pass down her knowledge to both high school and preschool students. Continue reading High school students take on toddlers

People pay to read your homework

By Samara Bhatti

Students in these classes have to learn to work towards a goal with a group of people. They have to put their best foot forward in both a creative and intellectual way,” teacher Katie Grusing on the requirements of aspiring publication students 

Edit, publish, deadlines: these are the words that students in print journalism classes live by. These classes include newswriting, yearbook and photojournalism which are all classes that Katie Grusing has been teaching for four years now. Continue reading People pay to read your homework

Cookin’ Cats create classic cuisines

By Mya Pearson

“This class is a lot of fun. It pushes you to challenge yourself in the kitchen.” senior Bennie Holmes talking about facing his kitchen troubles.

BSHS upperclassmen have the opportunity to take culinary arts courses. These classes teach different types of cooking techniques for kids looking into going into the chef path. Generally juniors start at level one and progress as seniors level two as long as they have maintained a C or better in the previous class. Continue reading Cookin’ Cats create classic cuisines

Teachers awarded classroom grants

by Emma Hibdon

“The students are very excited to get the calculators in their hands and learn all of the cool stuff that can be done with them,” – teacher Ryan Luethje on new calculators

A handful of BSHS teachers and faculty recently applied for and received grants through the school district for their classrooms; the grants ranged from $1,390 to $3,810.

Continue reading Teachers awarded classroom grants

An early finish

By Caitlin Ham

“My motivation for graduating early was just getting out of school early and the fact that I get paid full time and I’ll get to start college early. Next semester I plan to work full time, prepare for college and come back for prom and walk the stage and graduation,” Senior Michel Haase on graduating at semester

As first semester comes to a close, several BSHS seniors have elected to finish their time a little early. Graduating at semester may require students to take extra classes or advanced courses, and/or enroll in multiple courses in the same subject to finish high school with all the necessary credits. Continue reading An early finish