Scholarly smack down

by Emma Hibdon

“The goal is that we smash South, demolish the rest at the conference and win, and be the super nerds that we are,”- Ms. Littlepage on season goals

In an attempt to focus on student inclusion in extracurricular activities, BSHS staff and students have formed multiple clubs and organizations. Some, such as Scholar Bowl, are even gaining MSHSAA recognition.  

Scholar Bowl is a competitive activity that challenges the knowledge of those participating. The best and brightest students from each school compete against one another to decide which school is the most academically competitive.

“You have questions that are over math, science, history, sports, pop culture so really everyone’s most intelligent area can shine,” Scholar Bowl coach Jamie Littlepage said.

The organization provides a unique versatility for each student involved and allows everybody to  enjoy something they all have in common.

“It’s a great activity for everyone. We all come from different areas but we’re all connected with this one thing we love to do and it’s just another great way to connect people,” sophomore Emma Day said.

“It’s a lot more fun at the high school because there’s that much more maturity to it,” she added.

Many students in high school can feel out of place without an activity or group they can say they belong to.

“Here, people can be themselves and nobody is going to look at you weirdly because you know the all of the functions of everything in the human body system or can solve math questions in 45 seconds flat. It’s somewhere you can go to be yourself,” senior Kyla Vasquez said.

Because this is one of the first years the high school and the state are both recognizing Scholar Bowl as a competitive activity, participants have set many goals for this season.

“The goal is that we smash South, demolish the rest at the conference and win, and be the super nerds that we are,” Littlepage said.

Participants echoed Littlepage, though maybe with a little less intensity.

“We’re just gonna go in and try to win as much as we can,” Vasquez said.

Even though the team lost some good seniors, the group is still looking competitive and performance ready.

“The team looks good-for sure. There are a lot of cool, smart people in there,” Day said.

Overall, excitement for this year’s season is building. Scholar Bowl meetings are held Wildcat Hour shift A on Wednesdays in room 110.