The Road to Indy

By Caitlin Ham

“I had such a fun time in Indianapolis and made great memories with my friends. We worked really hard to get to where we were at performance time and our scores really showed our hard work over the long season.” -junior Ethan Koenig on his Grand Nationals experience

On Wednesday, November 8, the Golden Regiment (GR) boarded six charter buses, loaded two semis and headed for Indianapolis. The band participated in the Grand National Championships in Colts Stadium. Performing their show “Burtonized” and competing against 103 bands from across the nation, the GR took ninth place. Continue reading The Road to Indy

Unlikely heroes take the stage

By Abigail Starr

“Getting to share with the audience our love for the art of music and dance is incredible,” senior Brianna Bass on performing in Northern Lights

The choral department presented their annual winter production, Northern Lights, to two hundred plus people two weeks ago. Student performers spent hours learning lyrics and choreography to showcase the many musical medleys encompassed the show’s theme: “Unlikely Heroes on Broadway.”

The cast of Northern Lights sings a number from Mary Poppins. Photo by Erin Shannon

Continue reading Unlikely heroes take the stage

Boys basketball seniors attack season with lofty goals

by Kristian Frisbey

“Defense. We also need to be able to use our speed since we don’t have a lot of height this season. Also, we will need to work on our chemistry on both sides of the ball.” -senior RJ Lawrence on what will facilitate Wildcat success

With their first game Saturday against Park Hill South at Liberty High School at 4:30 pm, the boys basketball team looks to start their season off strong. Continue reading Boys basketball seniors attack season with lofty goals

Wildcats stuffed with thanks and turkey

By Samara Bhatti

“For me, Thanksgiving means being together as a family and being grateful for everything you have along with eating some great food,” sophomore Gabe Mouhssine on what Thanksgiving means to him

Last week students reached a milestone most had looked forward to since school started: Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving was a time for students to lay back and hang out with family.

Continue reading Wildcats stuffed with thanks and turkey

Football Suffers Tough Loss in State Championship Game

By Brett Tieman

“We were all disappointed in how the game turned out. Some of us were sad and took the loss quite hard, but we were all just in a little state of disbelief. We couldn’t believe we lost here again.” -senior Azaiah Bello

On November 17, the BSHS football team played in their second consecutive state championship game, this time at Plaster Stadium in Springfield against Christian Brothers College (CBC). The Wildcats lost 31-14, sending them home without the title for a second straight year. Continue reading Football Suffers Tough Loss in State Championship Game

Complete your yearbook surveys!

Here’s your chance to be included in the yearbook! Complete any or all of these surveys and look for your responses when yearbooks are distributed in May. Each survey has different content. You can express your opinions on everything from memes to dating to favorites to philosophy. Find one that suits you and focus on it or answer all for more opportunities to be included. Only school appropriate answers will be considered. Have fun – and don’t forget to order your yearbook. You can purchase online at, or bring check or cash directly to Ms. Grusing in room 107.

Survey links:

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Express your thoughts about school stuff:

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816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

By Samantha Johnson

“Ultimately, we are trying to give our students the best quality book with the most student inclusion we can.” -English teacher and yearbook adviser Katie Grusing

In their 2017/2018 yearbook, the BSHS Campus Cadence staff  draws attention to and celebrates their KCMO pride. In a tribute to the community, its theme is 816 Proud. This year’s edition relates student life, academics, sports and activities to different sites across Kansas City. Continue reading 816 Proud focus for Campus Cadence

Gaining advantage (and college credit)

by Emma Hibdon

“It’s definitely an adjustment. But I think that it’s an advantage because it gets you more prepared for college life.”

Many students take dual credit and college level classes offered at BSHS through UMKC and the AP College Board. Some students end their senior year with one or even two semesters worth of college credits and start their first year of college at a sophomore level.

Students choose to take these classes for a variety of reasons. Continue reading Gaining advantage (and college credit)

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