Job shadowing sheds light on student’s future

By Savannah Walsh

“It’s helped tremendously to understand the body from a classroom setting.  It helps with the application when I get to actually see what the surgery is doing.”-Skyler Kramer, senior, on his job shadowing experience

The bright lights, the white masks and the continuous beep of a beating heart all set the scene of an operating room. While the closest most will get to this experience is watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, for senior Skyler Kramer, the scene  is his daily reality. Continue reading Job shadowing sheds light on student’s future

Child care classes assist high school students, preschoolers in preparing for future

By Ashley Wright

“The graduation ceremony for the kids in May is always fun. All of the children, students, and parents go into the drama den and the preschoolers get up on stage and sing us songs and get to walk over the little bridge with their little caps on and get their diplomas. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the program.” -Pam Beck, child care teacher

The last thing someone would expect to see at a high school is a bunch of four-year-olds in a classroom; however,  that happens at BSHS every day because of the student-run daycare. The children stay at the daycare from third to sixth hour with Pam Beck, the teacher and supervisor of the child care classes. The high school students’ job is to teach and keep the kids occupied. “They do different science and math lessons, they do crafts and play games, we’ll take them out in the wildcat walk and gym to play, and sometimes we’ll go outside when the weather is nice, we do a lot of stuff with the kids,” said Beck.   Continue reading Child care classes assist high school students, preschoolers in preparing for future

College rankings: Do they really matter?

By Annie Crawford

College rankings start out with the most elite– Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the like. Then they move downwards through the lower-level elites, the big state schools, the smaller state colleges and every university in between. They offer what seems to be a way to scientifically select the best of the best colleges, the ones that will be most likely to position students directly in the career of their dreams. The reality? Not so much. Continue reading College rankings: Do they really matter?

DellaCamera recalls memories, success with BSSD

By Kayla Lessenden

“I hold her as the sole reason I got a 28 in reading on the ACT,” -Nick DellaCamera, senior, regarding English teacher Michelle Vietor

If life was a book, then seniors have spent all their 18 years filling the pages with trials and tribulations, starting new chapters and ending old. The school years seem like one long page, until a senior sits at graduation and reviews that portion of their book. Continue reading DellaCamera recalls memories, success with BSSD

Students prep for upcoming musical

By Elliott Andrick

BSHS is well into the swing of second semester with all of its activities, which of course includes producing the school musical. This year, actors and sponsors have put in many hours on preparations for How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. The musical is focused around a young window washer who gets a book about how to succeed in business. He uses this book’s information, combined with his quick wits, to work his way up a company ladder, but he finds himself in some tough situations and trouble because of it. Continue reading Students prep for upcoming musical

Girls in engineering lunch focuses on future opportunities

By Margaret Stansell

“Everything has been touched by an engineer. I’m just trying to engage them to explore their options.”-Angelia Schnakenberg, engineering teacher

One of the best things about BSHS is the new and exciting opportunities given to students every day. Students have the chance to participate in hands on classes, give their opinion in class discussions and take courses that will prepare them for and pertain to their future career. One of these opportunities occurred on Friday, January 18th, when the girls in the engineering program were given the chance to meet professionals in the engineering field and learn new information about Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. Continue reading Girls in engineering lunch focuses on future opportunities

Judge-Raynor gains momentum, memories with ticket to Hollywood

By Savannah Walsh

“I was jumping. I was so excited (when I got to go to Hollywood). People would be surprised at how much effort and how long the process is to make it that far,” -William Judge-Raynor, sophomore

“Congratulations, you’re going to Hollywood.” Five words heard countless times by millions of viewers all over the world, and yet they still hold their significance 14 seasons later. These words were especially meaningful for sophomore William Judge-Raynor who, once that magic phrase was uttered, took his singing dream to California for the chance to win American Idol. Continue reading Judge-Raynor gains momentum, memories with ticket to Hollywood

Indoor track prepares athletes for outdoor season

By Katy Hamilton

“(Indoor track) gets me ready to perform well earlier in the (outdoor track) season. It also gets me in shape so I am ready to work hard.” -Joslyn Snead, junior

While some athletes see their off season as a break from the fast pace aspect of high school sports, the BSHS track and field participants are doing anything but relaxing; the indoor track season is just beginning and everyone is nervously waiting for the outdoor season to commence. Continue reading Indoor track prepares athletes for outdoor season

PAMP provides safe environment, support

By Arianna Koch

“I suggest joining PAMP if you need support or want to support others. PAMP is a great way to relieve stress and a great way to help and encourage other students.”-Courtney Callahan, sophomore

BSHS is home to many different types of activities for each person’s interests. Enjoy acting? Join Drama Club. Like Japanese culture? Join Anime Club. Obsessed with Harry Potter? Join Dumbledore’s Army. While these are fun and entertaining activities, some organizations at BSHS try a little harder to connect with the entire student body. Peer counseling, Awareness, Mental health, and Positive force (PAMP) is a student led organization that helps students who are having a difficult time in their school or home life. Continue reading PAMP provides safe environment, support

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